Namungos Predict Our Success!

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Our brains hold remarkable tools to ensure we enjoy life to the fullest, in spite of traps that trip or snares that slow us down! Six often hidden and unused mental tools below will show new neural discoveries, represented in animated characters. They’re called namungos and each namungo video below holds mind-bending clues about our success or failure predictions in the coming days! The best part is that we each get to choose fun outcomes. We’ll either run with a GROWTH MINDSET or spin our wheels in a FIXED MINDSET today. How so?

Regardless of age, education, experiences, or challenges …

  1. We’ll run with novelty or default to ruts. Enter namungos WM and BAS to show us how so…

Read more about how to run with novelty rather than default to ruts

2. We’ll trigger more smiles or another sneer! Enter Sero and Cort to show us how so…

Read more about why we’ll smile or sneer more in any setting.

3. We’ll steer emotional IQ or stall mind-bending changes.

Read more about how we’ll enhance emotional IQ or run from risks for growth.

What if we rated our success through each namungo here and then targeted one hot new growth area for the coming week? Worth another shot from a brain-based angle at the extravagant life we are each created to live and lead?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset