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Getting Ahead in Unfair Places

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If fairness fosters people and prosperity and its opposite strikes down talent, why are we missing its marks?

And what happens when evenhandedness clearly goes missing at work? Many leaders have come to us at Mita, feeling beat down and helpless. You?

Social Fairness at Work

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What do you envision, when peers yearn for a new kind of workplace? Is it time to rethink diverse approaches, to find inclusion alternatives that raise US sinking scores?

If so, could socially fair practices propel us into a new world order where inclusion’s generic and where neuro and cognitive findings inform widespread improvements so that more intelligent people can speak and feel heard.

What do you think?

1 Pipe 1 Belt 1 Retooled Brain

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Here’s the rub. Serotonin gave me another look at possibilities that engaged my mind in a refreshing new way. Heck, I’d never thought of fixing a dryer belt in my life!

Tone for a New Job

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Tone can land you a better job, or destroy the one you already have.

Have you seen it happen?

It’s no secret that many look for meaningful work, while increasingly jobs disappear like sunshine on a foggy day! But imagine a new skill that unleashes work, taps into talent and builds you a finer future. How so?