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Reversing racism- Roundtable 2

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What would it look like to lead benefits for all on the other side of racism, greed, bullying, or petty power grabs? Imagine if we refocused attention to resolving parts of history that thrust us into circles of blame, and bad behavior. See how our brain relentlessly stores in our… Read more »

Namungos Predict Our Success!

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Our brains hold remarkable tools to ensure we enjoy life to the fullest, in spite of traps that trip or snares that slow us down! Six often hidden and unused mental tools below will show new neural discoveries, represented in animated characters. They’re called namungos and each namungo video below… Read more »

Begin Again for a Mind-Lift

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What new anything did you do for the first time in the past week? Not much, probably. Brain based success nudges us into the flexibility it takes to begin again … and again… Yes, even when the brain protests! How so? In spite of our need to shift it up,… Read more »

Why Brains Repel New Resolutions

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Ever feel bullied, trapped or deceived by your own brain to ignore noble resolutions or remain stuck in ridiculous ruts? Do you get derailed from innovative ventures, only to be wooed into doing things the same old boring way? Our brain’s internal storehouse stockpiles tangled heaps of haphazard goals, ruts… Read more »

Kindness Stockpiles with Action

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Kindness stockpiles over time, with caring actions we do daily. One way to encourage people to take risks is to reward them for it. (Tom Melohn) Our brain comes with storehouse spaces where kindness waits for its next human instruction. In the dark season on Baffin Island, I taught Inuit… Read more »

Crave Kindness?

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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”  (Mark Twain) What if we made a conscious effort to rewire our nation for more kindness in the coming year? Norman Doidge warns that the US has wired its entire nation for guns and pornography so… Read more »

Why are we losing cherished faith and service communities? What can we do?

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As young people increasingly gravitate toward new opportunities, unfortunately they are leaving behind faith communities like churches, and service communities like Rotary. There’s growing evidence that backbone spiritual and service benefits within these cherished circles of care will eventually die out. On the flip side, young people are attracted to… Read more »

What Happens If You Risk Change in Smug or “Content” Cultures?

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You meet people daily who feel afraid to fix a broken anything because they fear they’ll end up alone, stuck and without support, in self-satisfied circles that see new ideas as mere buzz at best. Inner terror is only intensified by physiological challenges, such as your mental makeup. Do the… Read more »

Do Your Routines Rob Our Hope?

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When hope yields to daily mandated routines, our brains slip into dangerous ruts! Do your routines rob our hope? What about mandated routines? Looking for tips to reboot magical hope for a new season? I like to start with the two-footed question: What awakens hope in you in spite of difficulties… Read more »