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Connected or Correct? Grace Decides …

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Wherever grace engages us connections transform us. Cherish one person and that loving relationship enhances further grace-filled friendships. The opposite is also true. Obnoxious gestures to insist we’re correct increase toxic and dysfunctional relationships Sadly, that need to be correct also barricades us from friendships we crave. Grace adds understanding… Read more »

Forgive to Restore Wonder

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Like me, did you miss the call to forgive somebody at an early age?  It took me a lifetime to learn the brain’s ability to embrace genuine reconciliation. Need to forgive, be forgiven, or both? In addition to our basal ganglia storehouse to stockpile forgiveness  – our brains come with… Read more »

Graphic Novel for Brain Based Reconciliation

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Looking for a vibrant new interactive curriculum to foster conversations on reconciliation? Interested in engaging  leaders in the value of diverse talents from every culture, belief and background? Want new understanding about humanity we all share? Reconciliation can transform blame into brain boosts! Yes, where mutual benefits abound! You’ll love… Read more »