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Question with 2 Feet to Dream with Dr. King

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What if you were to state,  “I Have a Dream to …?  Then complete the statement and tell us what first step you’d take to follow that dream.  What if Martin Luther King’s life and legacy triggered our ability to design a mind-bending dream fully equipped with kindness to all… Read more »

How Do You Test to Know What They Know?

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Any IQ score or standardized test result can address the question, How smart are they? Yet most of us who hope to awaken brainpower in our students, agree that mere numbers say little about their real capabilities.  On the other hand, if you want to ensure students actively master a… Read more »

10 Playful Pathways into Imagination

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Luckily, the human brain comes with unique equipment to free your mind, solve problems, or create adventures many crave but most people fail to imagine for themselves. Follow one or two  new neuron pathways today and watch limiting habits fade as rigid ruts yield to infinite imaginings. It’s really about… Read more »

Guarding Apples or Sharing Cookies?

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The choice to guard apples or share cookies is actually easy for me, when I remember to step beyond problems and lead possibilities. You?  It’s a bit like choosing between a cranky staff room where complaints bat last, and a refreshing carpet ride over awesome new vistas that rev up… Read more »

If you could go back …?

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What would you do differently, if you could retract one thing? If I could go back 40 years (gosh that’s a long retreat back!) – I’d change my teaching, parenting, and leadership approach in one key area…. I’d tell far less – and question more with 2 feet! Why so? Two-footed… Read more »

Your Problem? Your Choice?

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What’s your problem?

That question starts a very different day, full of unusual possibilities! How so? Let’s say you ask this question to identify one and your brain springs into gear to look for possible solutions.

Two-footed Questions for Whole Brain Culture

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Suffer from a toxic or restrictive workplace? Ask two-footed questions to spark both sides of  brains to capitalize on hidden and unused talents! Read how at Switch and Shift!  YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to meet you at any of the following! Brain Leaders and Learners… Read more »

Lead Change – Question with Two Feet

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It’s easy to default to ruts by asking simple.

Questions can generate rigid routines in the brain’s basal ganglia, rather than lead to personal growth and organizational change from the brain’s working memory. Compare regular questions to two-footed zingers to see how it happens.

Social Fairness at Work

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What do you envision, when peers yearn for a new kind of workplace? Is it time to rethink diverse approaches, to find inclusion alternatives that raise US sinking scores?

If so, could socially fair practices propel us into a new world order where inclusion’s generic and where neuro and cognitive findings inform widespread improvements so that more intelligent people can speak and feel heard.

What do you think?