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Brain Based Reflections Over Summer Break?

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Reflective learning hands us lamps of curiosity, clears diverse pathways forward, and offers authentic outcomes to showcase what’s learned! Its omission creates quagmires of stagnation in people and in their professions. How could summer break offer magical moments in reflections that will rejuvenate¬† your coming term? How can stepping back… Read more »

Beyond a Bully Brain Lies …

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Look into human brains to see why some people love and feel loved, while others bully whenever they encounter shortcomings, failings, faults or mistakes in themselves or others. Research shows that bullies often lack skills to handle things better. Why does it matter? New neuro discoveries affirm how non-bullying skills… Read more »

Build a Brain Based Culture on Participant Strengths

Few would deny that too many middle, secondary, or college students graduate without skills they need to meet demands of a modern era. And that’s if they graduate at all – which many do not! Time for a culture change?

Integrated Learning at Secondary?

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Brain based learning actively applies new facts to achieve innovative initiatives across traditional disciplines. Learners apply new content to craft original products or solve real world problems – rather than memorize facts for paper-pencil tests. Yes, in spite of obstacles such as separated classes in secondary or university classes that… Read more »

Monarch Butterflies – Brain Based Tasks – Teens and Tots

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Imagine the benefits when older learners create cool learning activities for younger learners to teach the awesome wonders of monarch butterflies! Older learners retain 90% more because they teach as they learn! Younger learners gain personal attention from a teen! Teachers gain materials to create booths and centers for biology… Read more »

What Does It Take to Raise IQ in Any Class?

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Imagine the wonder of a class where teens and young adults love to run to and meet their genius! What will you do to raise IQ and add wonder into your circles? YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to meet you at any of the following! Brain… Read more »