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Could the Grace Principle Hold Healing or Hope?

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It’s not enough to admit worry and wars do us in daily, while help or happiness appear too distant a reach. It may be time to reach beyond human frailty to experience divine intervention from our Creator. When we access and awaken grace our everyday experiences become extraordinary settings where… Read more »

Journals – Triggers or Traps?

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Have you ever met a person who journals their way into a healthier mental and emotional place? You may be surprised to see what makes journals into an elixir for healing, or what descends them onto a palate for pain. Journaling can be especially useful to kindle mental and emotional… Read more »

Grace Guides Humor to Kinder Peaks!

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Would you agree that humor holds the potential for kindness or cruelty? And would you see grace as living potential to bypass blame in favor of blessing? If grace adds potential and blame brings failing filters, healing comes with altered focus to see life-changing new roots of empathy for all!… Read more »