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Beyond Incivility and Insurrection

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How Do We Awaken Care Beyond Incivility and Insurrection? We crave wisdom for a kinder life where grace for all is a lived experience.  We contemplate wisdom possibilities from diverse corners that may catch our eye, yet too many often still get overlooked. When incivility and insurrection becomes our response… Read more »

Teach and Learn with Brains in Mind!

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Teach and learn more usable and current facts in less time at secondary school and beyond! Download ready-made teacher-learner materials with more brain in mind. The Teen’s Growth Mindset Workbook – paperback Growth Mindset Interactive Materials at TPT Mita (Growth Mindset) Strategies in Class and Beyond Student Assessment that Works… Read more »

Grace in Daily Doses

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Have you ever wondered what a day would blossom into if we lived more in the confidence of restorative rejuvenation, rather than sink into cynicism of retributive justice? It takes more than merely wishing for happiness, or yielding to helplessness to experience the wonders of grace. Criminal justice asks, “Who… Read more »

Compassion with the Brain in Mind

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Did you know that compassion and unconditional love that we offer to ourselves and others benefits us even more that people we direct it to? Kindness that we offer, even in tiny doses, also makes us more in awe of the humanity around us. It’s no surprise that compassion, kindness… Read more »