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10 Principles of Change I’ve Learned

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As I worked with and learned from leaders across  20 countries, over 40 years,  I learned 10 key factors that lead  sustainable change. Guided by these key principles, I engage  two-footed questions, facilitate mind-guided mutual mentoring, and track change in  brain based assessment skill charts, to help develop specific skill… Read more »

Mental Tools in Stress Free Zones

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The problem with stress is that it masks as winner – so you miss its killer qualities and fail to spot danger signs before it strikes.

Stress kills!

What’s Critical about Thinking?

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Have you seen sacred cows  consume innovation, confuse issues and block growth? I have. Wherever you hear the catchword critical thinking discussed, you find new definitions. The only part people seem to hold in common is that you should wield critical thinking to solve problems. Have you noticed it works… Read more »

What if School Sizzled Like a Summer Sun?

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Imagine back to school with benefits for learners and teachers brains much like the sizzling sun adds play in summer. I plan to start the year with brain based benefits that extend many wonders of summer fun into celebrations that learning adds. How about you?          … Read more »

A Case for New Hires?

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Some say the old workplace is gone. Others say new opportunities may never emerge. I say that organizations invigorate new opportunities when they hire innovative workers. Is it time to look past stagnant employees to discover innovative IQ It’s not about hiring younger workers. It’s not even about favoring people… Read more »