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Neurodiversity practices bring seniors’ benefits especially when engaged actively through imagination. Neurodiversity practices remind us that seniors experience and bring to life their world views in unique and significant ways! As we engage imagination, these differences can open new opportunities if we help seniors see their approaches as diverse rather… Read more »

(10) Mistakes as Seniors’ Stepping Stones

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If we seniors aren’t willing to be a bumbling beginner we’ll never likely become a magnificent master.” Treated as stepping stones, our mistakes become the hallmark of mental growth. Our basal ganglia (one of our brain’s memory systems) opens wonderful windows into past memories, mistakes and events on one hand,… Read more »

(8) How are Seniors Smart?

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Intelligence is not what most seniors were told – a fixed IQ number. Nor is our IQ defined by any percentage score on a paper-pencil test. So what is an intelligent senior? Let’s begin with interesting newly discovered capabilities in our brains at any age. Are you aware that we… Read more »

(7) When Seniors Lack Adventure …

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Risk taking need not require seniors to waltz into a bear cave in spring with a steak strapped to our foot. But why do so many seniors lament not taking more risks to enjoy fresh and fun adventures? And that begs the question, what do adventurous seniors have that bored… Read more »

(6) Plastic Brains or Dementia Fears for Seniors?

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Are we cultivating plastic or petrified senior brains? Our brains respond to fear by shutting down and so if we hope to sustain growth we may wish to address fears by increasing plasticity (our brain’s ability to change itself at all ages). Certainly fear of dementia is one barrier to… Read more »

(5) Ageism or Amygdala Agility?

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Healthy choices are to the amygdala, what healthy food is to the stomach! We ignore our amygdala to our mental and emotional peril. As our brain’s vital processing center for emotions, the amygdala connects our emotions to other key brain abilities, that regulate memories, learning and our senses. An untamed… Read more »

(4) Where’d all Our Friendships Go? Long Time Passing…

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Apparently most emotional health issues and shortcomings root back into childhood. About 70% favorable childhood impact sent us into senior years with emotional health and feelings of security to build healthy human connections. Or not! Good news is that every one of us seniors can sing with Lee Ann Womack,… Read more »

(3) Depressed, Anxious or Stress-Free ?

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Depression is bigger than occasional sad, empty, or hopeless feelings, and smaller than any incurable fate for its victims. A serious mood disorder, depression is sometimes inherited and sometimes caused by biological, environmental, or psychological issues. Its symptoms include: anxiety that leaves us cranky, hopelessness that leaves us with overwhelming… Read more »

(2) Expect Kinder Retirement Possibilities

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Inner kindness is a majestic force that lifts us beyond barriers into happiness and helps us see life as it might appear with wonderful opportunities at any moment. When kind to ourselves  we set a magnificent mental and emotional stage to laugh more and celebrate life fully in every current… Read more »