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Thankfulness beyond Differences for Thanksgiving Fun!

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What does it take to leave others feeling more appreciated, and ourselves feeling more like victors than victims? To appreciate ourselves and others more, is to find comfort and joy in the little things all around us! When we start fun discussions at Thanksgiving Day celebrations, we often generate mind-bending… Read more »

Will Criticism or Care Come into Our Holiday?

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It’s holiday season again. Stress seems to be higher than normal, while care for people we love can sink to an all-time low. Even our children and grandchildren find themselves trapped in anxiety’s ankle chains over holiday gatherings, where tensions tend to dominate. As we hear words that diminish, we… Read more »

Thankfulness – Key into Joyfulness

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Looking to start a mind-bending and fun day? Then begin with thankfulness and the brain rises up to do the rest. Need a few prompts to ignite the kind of curiosity a toddler, teen or teacher shows on a good day? Hope to draw kindness from the heart of grandparents?… Read more »

Boost Brainier Holiday Fun!

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Simply start with newly discovered facts about the human brain, and you’ll soon ramp up fun and festivity for your holiday.

Open the personal gift of intrapersonal intelligence as your tool to tackle holiday challenges by giving and gaining far more. Offer presents like those below and find holiday miracles fit for a genius.


Thank Somebody to Amp Up Mental Wellness!

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  Opposite  thankfulness lurks disappointment and both rely on a choice to either shape a dream or tank a day. Thankfulness and a Growth Mindset! Have you noticed how even simple expressions of gratitude can offer you mental tools that no other approach to life can quite equal? Or are… Read more »

Holiday Blues for Business Boom

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Ever notice how Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to bring out blues in some and blessings in others? Or how lonely people see vast spaces between themselves and others – even at festive  holiday tables? First glances  show people blessed with close family and  friends feel blessed over holidays while those… Read more »