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Smart Skills for 21st Century Agility

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Agile learners develop smart skills to build flexible and resourceful communities, where problems get solved and people find support.  It’s more than hard or soft skills, yet it builds a learning community to integrate and hone both. Add to that the fact that smart skills bring agile results that leaders… Read more »

Brain Based Materials Giveaway

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Win $100 gift certificate for Brain Based materials at my TPT Site! You’ll find descriptive videos for each resource listed there! Ready-to-roll materials  (no prep required to use them). Include games, interactive tasks, original content, speech writing guides, videos, formative and summative tests,  answer keys, lessons, units and more… All… Read more »

Why Some Learn Yet Many Don’t!

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Will those you teach or mentor learn today and love it?   The human brain uses its external setting daily to either press forward or fall back. We are each part of one another’s settings! You may enjoy practical brain based tools I use to build a unique culture where… Read more »

5 Mistakes We Make in Building Learning Cultures

Most leaders and faculty agree that to capitalize on the brain’s known abilities is to create a climate for high performance minds.  Most learners agree that  care and support can transform ordinary learning into fun-filled adventures and delightful discoveries. Sadly though, science about brains and observation of failed cultures sheds… Read more »

Free Listening Poster and Tasks

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Are you looking to teach or mentor new listening skills? Want to learn more from any topic? Once we step past the assumption that to tell is to teach – we step into the possibility that to learn is to listen to many views! Grab your free poster and listening… Read more »

Smart Tone or Snarky Attacks?

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It doesn’t take grueling effort to grow our intelligence. Nor do we need rocket science to attain brilliant tone that avoids attacks.  Minds literally rewire to create mind-bending possibilities when we look beyond problems (such as attacks from others) with an open mind. How so? If we toss limited solutions… Read more »