Roundtable project 1

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Get ready for an exciting new series of interactive roundtables – with perfect ingredients for adventure, growth and sheer fun! Discover below how to join my roundtables, or launch your own brain based event. Apply key details here, and the rest is fun as diverse participants break bread together and… Read more »

Stress or Success – Choice or Fate?

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Has stress robbed you of fun you could have with your children, colleagues, friends or partner? If so you may have slipped into increasing stress problems spoken of at centers for disease control and prevention which reports a shocking number of people who fall into frequent stress fiascos. ¬†Few disagree… Read more »

Namu Tips to a Brainy Day!

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What if we could make a deliberate choice to encourage or discourage an ideal day? Could we expect a revolutionary brain fact to change how we tackle problems or propose solutions? Below are doable tips rooted in new brain discoveries and communicated in language we all speak. Namu – speaks… Read more »

A Brain on Encouragement

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Social media may increase our access into bitter communications that harbor coarseness and cruelty, but human brains still crave kindness and care if people and innovative ideas are to flourish. It may mean we have to curb that hate speech, call out bullying or propose tolerance because we face increasing… Read more »

How to Bully Proof Our Brains Against Upset

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Teach our brains to remove the oxygen from mistreatment, and we pound a clear path for surprisingly freer steps forward. Whether we feel spurned by a former friend or slammed online by a tyrannical leader, our brains come fully equipped to recognize our personal worth and to turn our inner… Read more »

Increase Inner IQ for an Extravagant Dream

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Looking for a new hope to hold onto? Wish for more contentment or crave less conflict? Dream of leading a new era innovation that offers wonder in a broken world? Wait for nobody else to affirm personal worth, and activate the internal kindness we all crave, by engaging intrapersonal IQ…. Read more »

What if We Listen with Our Brains?

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Have you ever wondered why some people pay more attention to their own ideas, while others show keener interest in people they engage? Or have you seen new technology that improves how we listen? For example, new magnetic imaging opens windows into listening more with our brains. My longtime close… Read more »

Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset?

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Whenever we speak up and feel heard we tend to open opportunities to learn from and support one another. It takes diverse circles to build a growth mindset across differences though. That’s if you expect tangible benefits to follow. If our circles fail to open safe possibility places for diverse… Read more »

Lectures & Talks Stunt Change!

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Why are we surprised that little changes after workshops? According to Mackenzie Reports, change takes action and talks lack what it takes. So why do secondary schools, universities and most organizations still meet daily to talk or deliver facts and expect change to follow? Have you seen it? Or do… Read more »

Words that Convert Conflict into Care

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No wonder we thank others for a kind response and we value the kind of friends who toss enormously generous suggestions into the ring, on any topic! But have you ever considered one key skill that converts conflict into care in a conversation? Think about your last online discussion where… Read more »