Resilience for Teens through Reflection

During the pandemic most adults you talk to feel there are places to go for support and encouragement when times get too tough. Imagine if we could become part of teens growth in ways that improve their lives! That curiosity and desire was cement in the foundation of The Teens… Read more »

Where has all the Spirit Gone?

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Every tiny enzyme flips into a freedom dance and rises to reflect rainbows when we enter and engage our spirit’s residing grace. Sure, it often takes being in the now, and it may mean  accepting what is. Yet it coaches us in what to change and what to accept without… Read more »

Growth or Fixed Mindset for a Pandemic?

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In any day we experience both tamed emotions for growth, and untamed or fixed emotions. Emotional responses to challenges such as loneliness or isolation during a pandemic, will determine our mindset and leave us emotionally well or moody and emotionally impaired. You may remember MYG as a fantasy character that… Read more »

Take Your Brain to Digital Wonders

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Have you signed up yet for the GoDaddy EXPAND 2021 event? Have you registered for this mind-bender yet? Connect and learn with everyday entrepreneurs, everywhere for mind-bending outcomes. You’ll love this once in a lifetime adventure if you enjoy extravagant opportunities and if you’d like access into new era web… Read more »

Looking for Brain Boost, Laugh, or Both?

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YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to meet you at any of the following! TpT Brain Based Resources – accomplish things never before accomplished by using parts of the brain never before used! Brain Leaders and Learners BlogMita Brain Center Facebookefweber on Pinterest@ellenfweber on Twitterellenfweber on InstagramEllen… Read more »

Grow Your Mindset in New Book for This Tough Time

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Have you worried that life is passing you by while you’re stuck home alone? What if you could discover tips to overcome enormous challenges that have hit many of us during this persistent pandemic? Imagine the delight of unleashing a hidden ability that lifts you beyond COVID barriers that block… Read more »

Cookies, Carrots and Clutter

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Given the choice do you choose to snack on cookies over carrots? If so, you’ll likely be surprised by stressful effects this choice has on your brain. We now know for instance, that our responses to daily stress, and everyday choices,  impact our ability to fight off and avoid anxiety… Read more »

Self Care for Bigger Ego?

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YIKES! Does self-care cause bigger egos and more conceit? Trolls say YES! We know that emotional and mental health means self-care and inner kindness. And we recognize that a growth mindset means focus on possibilities rather than fixate on problems. But can self-care become conceit and obsession with self? Along… Read more »

Alone and Lonely?

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Many of us feel alone and some feel especially lonely during this COVID pandemic. And if honest, most of us have felt isolated and without support at some time or other. Broken relationships, conflicts with peers, or disappointed expectations can exacerbate the alienation we suffer. Sadly we can cling to… Read more »

Hack Your Past to Reset a Kinder Present

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One part of our brains can lock us into anxiety unless we see it and reset emotionally for a kinder start. For instance, we inspire what goes well today by first securing our sense of genuine belonging. Where is our value unconditional? Where is worth ensured? When amazing worth transforms… Read more »