Angst or AWE? 11-20 of 50 Stress-free Power Tools

Our quarantined brain lies to us and insists that traps of depression, panic, fear, and anxiety offer no exit strategy. This lie may appear supported by the National Institute of Mental Health reports that well over 58 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. This series of five blogs, however, offers… Read more »

Angst or AWE? 1-10 of 50 Stress-free Power Tools

Slogging through the mire during this difficult pandemic? Discover 50 brain based ways to side-step fear or anxiety better than you expect! Come back daily for another tool, see how I used it to reboot my day, and share your attempts. This first blog includes the first 10 anxiety-buster tools… Read more »

Kindness as Chemical Fix

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Kindness can stomp out stress or sadness much like pain killers wipe away headaches. Luckily we can increase our kindness quotient to ensure we avoid chemical toxins and amp up emotional and mental health. Kindness becomes a chemical mood changer when it leaves another person more appreciated and ourselves more… Read more »

Pandemic Panic or Grace to Survive?

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This pandemic clearly has messed with our minds and the sheer panic we feel can leave us anxious and alone. Fear points to the underbelly of disasters such as the CONVID19 pandemic that locks us away from freedom and loving connections. So it’s no surprise we panic and try to… Read more »

Hope as Our Problem Solving Tool

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Our brain operates hope as its power tool to rebuild after trouble (such as Coronavirus pandemic) strikes. Unfortunately however, our brain also slides into despair, a pre-condition that prevents us from accessing hope’s best benefits at times. Did you know for instance, that laughter sets the brain’s stage for hope… Read more »

Cabin Fever or Creative Fervor during Coronavirus?

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Are you home alone during the coronavirus pandemic? Or are you suddenly caring for children while trying to work from home? Do you feel isolated or vulnerable during this crisis? It’s no secret that loneliness, anxiety and fear in this era are every bit as great a threat as the… Read more »

Art and Science of a Cranky or Kind Amygdala

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Is your response to a sudden jolt or unexpected disappointment kind or cranky?   Science determines our mental growth or regression in a widely misunderstood but vital operation of our brain, called the amygdala. Art determines the emotional and mental benefits or battering we build into our lived amygdala experiences…. Read more »

Frustration, Fears, Fury, and Failures!

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It’s best to offload those sinking moods or debilitating worries before any mental or hopeful fix suddenly feels beyond our reach. Has it happened to you? The fact is, our brains take on a dangerous stress chemical, called cortisol, much like a badly listing sailboat takes on water. The lower… Read more »

Where is the Love?

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A grace mindset engages agape love combined with working memory to help us heal in broken or conflicted situations. How so? We share sentiments with Whitney Houston’s hope-filled tunes such as, “I will always love you,” yet we sink often into Adam Sturgeon’s regrets sung in, Long Braided Hair  words,… Read more »

Does Genius IQ Require Ethical Character?

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Who would deny that we crave intelligent leaders to navigate critical challenges in 2020? And we know that stellar brainpower exists out there, among good people who see from diverse viewpoints. Never before did we need brainpower on the side of truth and compassion! And that poses key questions that… Read more »