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A Case for Guns or Grace?

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Can guns and violence bring peace or open kinder, gentler spaces? Our warring habits, ginormous weapon sales, and battle celebrations would have us believe war brings good from evil! Really? Are peace-giving assumptions about warrior-driven benefits fact or fiction? If we consider new neural findings we see how peace practices… Read more »

Shy, Social or … ?

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An introvert is often seen as the shy guy, or the gal who fades into wallpaper at socials. Extroverts are often said to have more fun as their popularity makes them the life of most parties. Really? If the above comparison is true, no wonder we rail against some traits… Read more »

Good or Evil for Today?

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The best comment on evil is our practice of goodness.

To reconstruct our world for kinder & gentler energy is to step beyond our ruts and risk a robust practice for peaceful change!