10 Principles of Change I’ve Learned

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As I worked with and learned from leaders across  20 countries, over 40 years,  I learned 10 key factors that lead  sustainable change.

Guided by these key principles, I engage  two-footed questions, facilitate mind-guided mutual mentoring, and track change in  brain based assessment skill charts, to help develop specific skill growth that fosters change folks crave.

What brain powered tools lead change that benefits all where you work?

In a brain based assessment chart – participants lead their own performance objectives.  Guided by participant-led evidence of their growth – those being assessed lead key points of evaluation discussions. As they illustrate evidence of their growth, assessors respond. This same approach is used to assess faculty, and it doubles as a growth tool!

Imagine a teacher’s growth and enthusiasm as they lead their own assessment – with evidence they track skills developed and used.

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