Q & A on Power of Kindness vs Hate in Brains

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Have you wondered about the brain’s power of kindness over hate? Or did you know that kindness alters our brain’s chemistry?

Q & A on the Merits of Kindness VS Hate in Human Brains …

Q 1. How does kindness change the brain’s chemistry?

A 1. Kindness primes our plasticity which is the brain’s ability to change itself, by injecting serotontin’s aha fuels.

Q 2. What would turn hate speech into kind words and actions?

A 2. The universal language of kindness may be compassion and its evidence likely appears within every caring smile, yet it jump-starts mental sparks for any who wave its magical wand for an improved tone.

Q 3. Why do students, parents and teachers value kindness less than achievement?

A 3. In 2014 a Harvard study of 10,000 middle – high school kids, 80% of the students said they valued achievement and happiness over caring for others. Interestingly,  96% of parents reported that hoped their children would be caring –  81 percent of teens here said their parents actually valued achievement and happiness over caring or kindness.What about students and teachers in the study? 62 percent of the participants believed their teachers prized academic success above all else – including kindness.Have you seen it?

Q 4. What works against the brain’s ability to grow kindness?

A 4. Blame is one of the strongest forces that shuts down plasticity, and blocks any ability to grow kindness as an elixir of strength. When we excuse ourselves and fault others, the brain defauts to hate with cortidsol’s dangerous toxin that replaces serotonin needed for growing a kinder force forward.

Q 5. How can we convert a climate of conflict and hate into kindness that moves us forward across differences?

A 5. Kindness starts out as an individual or collective choice but our brains transform it into chemical reactions that fuel goodwill and can change the world with tangible benefits for all concerned!

Q 6. Can we learn or teach kindness or is it a personality trait?

A 6. Both are true. Here is a kindness project that shows how brains growth process from hate into healing care and compassion.

What are we teaching youth and ourselves about ways to kind and grow in kindness to those who differ?

What are your questions or answers about the impact of kindness on human brains?

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