What if we programmed calm into our hectic calendar?

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Attempts to bring calm into sudden, unexpected, or hyped-up-situations can backfire at times, but deliberately planned adventures add enjoyment and serenity that relieves most pressures.

Composure can rarely be mandated. Studies show that paying too much attention to our levels of peacefulness can bring its opposite. Pressure cooker chaos can result in anxiety. So how can we can the many benefits of a tranquil day, which may well include a balanced diet and better friendships, without the hassle of mandating serenity?

The best way to counter tension and trauma is to reflect on strengths that bring you adventure and joy. Set aside a few composed minutes don a regular basis to connect with something about you that brings pleasure. Not that we can force away tension or mandate a hassle free day. But we can enjoy many more moments filled with things that replace anxiety with activities that bring pleasure.

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