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Three Wondrous Ways to Walk in Wisdom

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Wisdom combines our brain’s serotonin, our body’s activity and our spirit’s grace! It’s often amplified and expressed in three rather easy-to-spot ways. We navigate beyond the world’s chaos and calamity whenever we act kindly in wise, loving ways that heal our soul. Fear is love’s opposite, and it causes endless… Read more »

What’s Wise for You?

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If you agree that pillars of knowledge often become portals of prestige and profit, where does wisdom dwell in you? Where can you expect to encounter knowledge that is meaningful and true? Wisdom ties together such emotions as kindness with valid knowledge and shared truths. It’s the hallmark between passion… Read more »

5 Words for Wise Leadership

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Some say wisdom’s locked securely inside sacred books. Others claim the wise represent  few folks only after lifelong struggles. I say wisdom’s a bit like hitching your wagon to a distant star. It tethers the best leaders’ abilities,  looks to lofty visions beyond self, and  uses shared talents to trek… Read more »

Question with the Brain in Mind and Move

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Life brims over with mystery, and while dynamic revelations open to  questioning minds, it takes movement, design and curiosity to live great questions. Have you ever considered what probe can jettison a human mind from its seemingly content position – to a far finer place? Fortunately, your brain is equipped… Read more »