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What do you believe? Roundtable 1

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Our mindset or beliefs change what we do in any moment and determine our options to succeed going forward. A mindset is fluid, not fixed and so we can grow new or adjusted beliefs that better fit goals we set in any day. For this reason, the connection between belief… Read more »

Add Care to Character

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What if the popular 20Q (game show) converted into steps for a new culture of character that includes caring?

Two-footed questions improve the odds for building good character in schools, colleges and workplaces, in several ways. The two feet simply add action to asking, and include reflections on both sides of the brain for solutions.

Questioners arrive at the best answers by doing whatever it takes to help people move from traditional limitations into possibilities for finer characters in a new era.

Rather than blame others for violence, and unethical practices, notice that all questions below involve questioners in finding character-building solutions: