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Can We Still Lead Truth?

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At Rotary we ask, “Is it the truth?” Some say that we have entered a post-truth era. Others say truth is eternal. I say that new brain discoveries can become tools for ferreting out truth, and leading its possibilities. You? We each hold truths that stockpile for a lifetime in… Read more »

Does a Genius Need Ethics?

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Can people be considered genius – without a stellar moral compass to guide actions such as integrity or kindness to others? Are swindlers enabled in your circles, under the guise of intelligence? In an age where horizons shift, truth is claimed to not be truth and leaders look past moral… Read more »

How are You Smart and I’m Not?

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Change the question from HOW SMART ARE YOU? to ask instead: HOW ARE YOU SMART? and you’ll ready your brain for life-changing discoveries. Einstein once claimed he was no smarter than others, but that he simply stayed with problems long after others left. Could we solve more problems with finer… Read more »