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10 Playful Pathways into Imagination

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Luckily, the human brain comes with unique equipment to free your mind, solve problems, or create adventures many crave but most people fail to imagine for themselves. Follow one or two  new neuron pathways today and watch limiting habits fade as rigid ruts yield to infinite imaginings. It’s really about… Read more »

IT Brain on Design

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Ever wonder why some things stick – like the topic of your last blog post – while other facts fade faster, such as names, details or directions for an IT fix?

It Brain on Design

Steve Job’s Typical Synapses

Your brain’s hundred thousand miles of network fibers comes equipped to expand and benefit from learning at its synapses. So why does it rarely happen at the peaks like it did for Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs Turned Mentoring Into Mindguiding

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In today’s New York Times, Steve Lohr crowned Steve Jobs as Master of Design.

Countless writers and commenters agree to Job’s genius that changed our world with technology.

Lohr’s post points to Job’s growth from mentor in his earlier years – who …
… was notoriously hands-on, meddling with details and berating colleagues.

Yet later, Lohr reflects, at Job’s second stint at Apple he differed, in that he

… relied more on others, listening more and trusting members of his design and business teams.

Mentoring in today’s corporate culture looks a lot like hands-on meddling – that tends to replicate past possibilities and miss genius gateways forward. Have you seen it?