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Will Today be Grim or Gracious?

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Grace is the inner love, light and energy that overjoys us in good times, only to brace, hold and support us in tough times! Grace gives us confidence and calm to avoid doing many things so we can risk running forward with one thing worth doing with kindness and care!… Read more »

Where is Happiness Found in Our Uncertain World

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If you’re looking to find more joy, delight, happiness or a bit of  bliss, you’re not alone. Never before have we seen more opposites to our basic happiness. These barriers to contentment leave us in panic, anxiety, misery, depression and overall discontent. Happiness starts with inner kindness we practice, yet… Read more »

Grace to Flourish & Thrive?

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I really don’t think we fully embrace the joys of grace until we stop thinking of it as a theory and start living it as an active energy that grows EQ and builds healthy cultures, where all beliefs, customs and habits find acceptance. Whenever we propose and chase a possibility,… Read more »

Robyn’s Last Day – A Celebrated Life!

A GREAT HUMAN left us today – and our loss is enormous …. After work we golfed on Lodge at Woodcliff Golf Course and Robyn hit ball after ball like an angel – so that we decided to sign up for a tournament soon and play for charity to capitalize… Read more »