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Critic or Creator? Growth or Fixed Mindset?

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Seeing hope or hell in the difficult place that follows COVID and a pesky pandemic? Simply stated are we merely critiquing ongoing problems or are we creating doable possibilities?  While a growth mindset stokes our creator sense of “I can do this,” our fixed or critical mindset tends to fight… Read more »

Could the Grace Principle Hold Healing or Hope?

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It’s not enough to admit worry and wars do us in daily, while help or happiness appear too distant a reach. It may be time to reach beyond human frailty to experience divine intervention from our Creator. When we access and awaken grace our everyday experiences become extraordinary settings where… Read more »

What if we re-imagined?

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What if we reword one nagging problem in a way that creates more space for a life-changing solution? Whenever we pause to press beyond problems we open new options to engage possibilities. Will your day stall your purpose with wicked problems or re-purpose your problems with wonderful possibilities? YOUR TURN!… Read more »

Write your way past ruts

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If curiosity is our writer’s power, then risk for adventure is our super power. The opposite is also true, if we simply reiterate strong opinions or write without find the most current facts first. How so? Listen for new clues with innovative suggestions for a problem you face. Ruts remap… Read more »

Your Problem? Your Choice?

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What’s your problem?

That question starts a very different day, full of unusual possibilities! How so? Let’s say you ask this question to identify one and your brain springs into gear to look for possible solutions.

Troubleshooting Tips and Brain Based Benefits

When learning or leadership problems pop up – how do you troubleshoot to ensure that all those you mentor, coach, teach, or facilitate will takeaway more?   Below are brain-compatible strategies I use and I’d love to hear your tips. YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to… Read more »

Target Agreement in Disagreeable Settings

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While some leaders literally wire their brains for gridlock and compromise that can poison communications, it’s also true that disagreements can  blast open  doors to life-changing ethical insights.  When people differ with the brain in mind, they build goodwill among those who differ. How so? If you’ve ever benefited from… Read more »