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(5) Ageism or Amygdala Agility?

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Healthy choices are to the amygdala, what healthy food is to the stomach! We ignore our amygdala to our mental and emotional peril. As our brain’s vital processing center for emotions, the amygdala connects our emotions to other key brain abilities, that regulate memories, learning and our senses. An untamed… Read more »

Our Grace Mindset Awakens Loving Kindness, Healing and Hope

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Imagine today giving our dreams wings to fly! Consider prioritizing play on a busy day! Feature the delight of extraordinary value and worth that disregards our past failures! Awaken loving kindness, healing and hope! Below are two pages from my upcoming book in progress to remind us to play today…. Read more »

Cookies, Carrots and Clutter

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Given the choice do you choose to snack on cookies over carrots? If so, you’ll likely be surprised by stressful effects this choice has on your brain. We now know for instance, that our responses to daily stress, and everyday choices,  impact our ability to fight off and avoid anxiety… Read more »

Cartoon characters, real brain parts – Roundtable 14

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How could six little cartoon characters increase our observable mental wellbeing? Our brains hold remarkable tools to ensure we enjoy life to the fullest, in spite of traps that trip or snares that slow us down! Six often hidden and unused mental tools below will show new neural discoveries, represented… Read more »

Plastic brain – Roundtable 4

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If our brains are plastic we’re happier, more productive and fun to be around! The opposite of a plastic brain is a rigid, opinionated, or stuck-in-a-rut brain. Specific words and actions we choose will decides which one (plastic or problematic) gets shaped, rooted and operational in our brains. Plasticity is… Read more »

Let Go with More Sauce and Less Stress

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Do you fear letting go? Maybe, like me, you’re selling a beloved home jam-packed with reminders of cherished memories from a family cookie jar, and framed art as gifts from kids you love fiercely. Oh, and did I mention this was your perfect idea of a retirement home when you hang up… Read more »

Brain Based Tasks for Older Learners

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While we now know that students retain less from lectures, we question how to cultivate brain based cultures that trigger observable and impressive growth. Good news! It’s actually easier than most realize – to get older students active and growing in any class! Enter six little namungos with big brainy… Read more »