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Resilience for Teens through Reflection

During the pandemic most adults you talk to feel there are places to go for support and encouragement when times get too tough. Imagine if we could become part of teens growth in ways that improve their lives! That curiosity and desire was cement in the foundation of The Teens… Read more »

Robyn’s Last Day – A Celebrated Life!

A GREAT HUMAN left us today – and our loss is enormous …. After work we golfed on Lodge at Woodcliff Golf Course and Robyn hit ball after ball like an angel – so that we decided to sign up for a tournament soon and play for charity to capitalize… Read more »

Ode to Innovation Brainpower!

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Have you every thought of practicing to be a genius at anything? Several gurus in intelligence, claim that endurance and hard work get higher grades than raw intelligence scores from IQ tests. Do you agree?  Einstein claimed he was no more intelligent than others – but he stayed with problems… Read more »