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Why are we losing cherished faith and service communities? What can we do?

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As young people increasingly gravitate toward new opportunities, unfortunately they are leaving behind faith communities like churches, and service communities like Rotary. There’s growing evidence that backbone spiritual and service benefits within these cherished circles of care will eventually die out. On the flip side, young people are attracted to… Read more »

What If Merges Melded Minds?

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People often fear mergers and for good reason. Workers fear losing cooperation they’ve cultivated. Leaders fear compromise and gridlocks that robs progress. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Steve Jobs Turned Mentoring Into Mindguiding

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In today’s New York Times, Steve Lohr crowned Steve Jobs as Master of Design.

Countless writers and commenters agree to Job’s genius that changed our world with technology.

Lohr’s post points to Job’s growth from mentor in his earlier years – who …
… was notoriously hands-on, meddling with details and berating colleagues.

Yet later, Lohr reflects, at Job’s second stint at Apple he differed, in that he

… relied more on others, listening more and trusting members of his design and business teams.

Mentoring in today’s corporate culture looks a lot like hands-on meddling – that tends to replicate past possibilities and miss genius gateways forward. Have you seen it?

From Mentor to Mindguide

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Both profitable experts and talented upstarts claim to see unlimited potential in shared wisdom. Yet in most current mentoring programs, seasoned gurus advise clever cronies to operate much like themselves, in spite of rapidly changing workplace horizons. Few would disagree that it’s time to shift tutoring approaches to reflect more balanced and reciprocal coaching. Guidance based more on brainpower potential, and experience from differences than merely on age or seniority.