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Cranky or Kind – Emotions on Trial

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Our brains constantly forge tenacious links with real life situations that connect us to either healthy or toxic forces. If we link to cranky images fear takes hold we open floodgates to anxiety. If we choose kinder images caring takes over and we are empathetic to ourselves and others. It’s… Read more »

Journals – Triggers or Traps?

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Have you ever met a person who journals their way into a healthier mental and emotional place? You may be surprised to see what makes journals into an elixir for healing, or what descends them onto a palate for pain. Journaling can be especially useful to kindle mental and emotional… Read more »

Growth or Fixed Mindset for a Pandemic?

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In any day we experience both tamed emotions for growth, and untamed or fixed emotions. Emotional responses to challenges such as loneliness or isolation during a pandemic, will determine our mindset and leave us emotionally well or moody and emotionally impaired. You may remember MYG as a fantasy character that… Read more »

Alone and Lonely?

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Many of us feel alone and some feel especially lonely during this COVID pandemic. And if honest, most of us have felt isolated and without support at some time or other. Broken relationships, conflicts with peers, or disappointed expectations can exacerbate the alienation we suffer. Sadly we can cling to… Read more »

Echoes from My Deck Swing

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When we pause to repeat and reverberate the fierce wonder and beauty in a sunrise, we embed its original reflections deep within to strengthen another new day! A sunrise flashes by barely touching us unless we pause in its presence, stay with its beauty, and live its light throughout our… Read more »