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Valentine Revolution?

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What if Valentine’s Day brought a sturdier and more sustainable love to all of us? Imagine a world where wars paused to make room for genuine care and kindness expressed in social justice, for instance. We could start a Valentine revolution, that shifts our focus from sneers to smiles. Imagine… Read more »

Could Church Help Heal Our Broken World?

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When our churches act as spectator sports, where passive patrons  watch rituals from distance truths, we miss grace alive and awaiting our experiences as worship’s wings in each of us. Love, not religious words preached, propels us into “God,”  to discover overflowing goodness and immense care for us and kindness… Read more »

Beyond Incivility and Insurrection

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How Do We Awaken Care Beyond Incivility and Insurrection? We crave wisdom for a kinder life where grace for all is a lived experience.  We contemplate wisdom possibilities from diverse corners that may catch our eye, yet too many often still get overlooked. When incivility and insurrection becomes our response… Read more »

Grace in Daily Doses

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Have you ever wondered what a day would blossom into if we lived more in the confidence of restorative rejuvenation, rather than sink into cynicism of retributive justice? It takes more than merely wishing for happiness, or yielding to helplessness to experience the wonders of grace. Criminal justice asks, “Who… Read more »

Could GRACE be an answer to our broken world?

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Most would agree that wise people adjust their choices and experiences to include grace that points minds and emotions toward happiness for all. But what does GRACE look like in our broken, conflicted or war-torn world? We often seem to be running on reserve power at this moment, and some… Read more »

Beyond Fear in Troubled Times

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When we say kindness cures cruelty, we are not denying life’s tragedy or troubles. We are simply reminding ourselves to reach deeply into an inner fountain of free flowing love our world may be missing. It’s a practice that redirects our time and energy toward a reliable flow of love… Read more »

Words Walk Us into Kind or Crazy Worlds

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A young basketball player complained that teammates did not pass him the ball. He was correct, but only he could make the inner change needed to attract the ball his way. Sound like your life? Do you face failures that leave you powerless? Does a situation look hopeless, as it… Read more »

Coming Soon …

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I’ve discovered GRACE as a real mindset yet a hidden energizing FORCE behind all we do, over a lifetime of research on our brains and spirits. Problems such as fear and panic can keep us in a state of constant crisis. We block our souls from loving relationship to God…. Read more »

Where has all the Spirit Gone?

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Every tiny enzyme flips into a freedom dance and rises to reflect rainbows when we enter and engage our spirit’s residing grace. Sure, it often takes being in the now, and it may mean  accepting what is. Yet it coaches us in what to change and what to accept without… Read more »