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(1) Retire Lonely or Lively?

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Ever wonder why some seniors retire lonely while others run in retirement with liveliness? Why do some brains favor lonely and bored over lively and boosted? We may think that loneliness is a non-fixable or fatal toxin for seniors who face stepping down from work or careers alone. The opposite… Read more »

Alone and Lonely?

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Many of us feel alone and some feel especially lonely during this COVID pandemic. And if honest, most of us have felt isolated and without support at some time or other. Broken relationships, conflicts with peers, or disappointed expectations can exacerbate the alienation we suffer. Sadly we can cling to… Read more »

Cabin Fever or Creative Fervor during Coronavirus?

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Are you home alone during the coronavirus pandemic? Or are you suddenly caring for children while trying to work from home? Do you feel isolated or vulnerable during this crisis? It’s no secret that loneliness, anxiety and fear in this era are every bit as great a threat as the… Read more »

What’s Your Anti-Loneliness Quotient?

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Research shows loneliness as the best predictor of people who will end up in hospital. The problem has grown to such enormous heights that a Minister of Loneliness was hired in Great Britain. Loneliness that was more prevalent among the elderly, has now become more commonplace among the young. Movements… Read more »