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What if We Listen with Our Brains?

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Have you ever wondered why some people pay more attention to their own ideas, while others show keener interest in people they engage? Or have you seen new technology that improves how we listen? For example, new magnetic imaging opens windows into listening more with our brains. My longtime close… Read more »

Crave More Kindness in Your Disruption?

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Today I watched a teacher walk out quietly with a potentially disruptive student. Five minutes later both student and teacher walked back with dignity, calm and a learning readiness we all admired. In much the same way, my son-in-law steps aside with my grandchildren when they lose control and minutes… Read more »

She listened so well that very few knew …

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Robyn loved to listen to others and to learn more about what each person cared about most that day. Those of us she engaged felt richer because she listened through genuine curiosity that prompted us to speak up and feel heard. Lesser known however, was Robyn‘s sheer delight whenever others… Read more »

Free Listening Poster and Tasks

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Are you looking to teach or mentor new listening skills? Want to learn more from any topic? Once we step past the assumption that to tell is to teach – we step into the possibility that to learn is to listen to many views! Grab your free poster and listening… Read more »

Innovation Brainpower in Opposites

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Has your workplace sunken you into a quagmire of broken practices, cranky managers, or a shrinking public purse? Few deny that frustrations follow from spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.  Stress that increasingly bombards workplaces, also lowers brainpower.  If that watch-your-back syndrome consumes your  time and talent, you are not… Read more »