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What is Happiness and Where is it Found?

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Happiness is a majestic force that lifts us beyond what we feel life should look like at any moment. It sets a magnificent mental and emotional stage to celebrate life fully as it exists in every current moment. Aristotle said, Happiness depends on ourselves.” What say you? With depression and… Read more »

Even a Fake Smile Boosts Moods

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Did you know that to laugh at yourself is to laugh away stress?  Laughter ~ 1. Can stoke Aha moments when needed most. 2. Lowers stress – even through a fake smile 3. Adds new zest for life! 4. Heals anxieties and reduces fears. 5. Boosts moods! 6. Adds alertness…. Read more »

A Brain on Laughter

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Stopped in your tracks by pressures from financial woes? Tired of a job that’s going nowhere? Without good ideas to lead your innovation? Let laughter crack you up and stir up new aha moments when you need them most. Much more than coping, you can discover new initiatives through comedy, because a lighthearted attitude often brings eureka moments of unexpected inspiration. Research shows that with humor the brain increases activity in your anterior cingulated cortex, in preparation for problem solving.

Expect Brain Benefits from Humor

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Have you ever heard laughter that cracks you up even before you hear the joke? Or have you worked alongside people who like to laugh in ways that speed the clock during boring routines? Workplace stories such as Carol Cortisol’s Certification Day, that leave people laughing, or Sam Serotonin’s Pizza… Read more »

Beat Intimidation with Creative Vision

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Whenever you cotton onto the notion that people or problems diminish you, that self-critique begins to bury your brain’s tools for excellence. In contrast, your brain holds hidden reflection equipment to build visions that develop confidence and take risks to achieve mind-bending results. Yes, regardless of other’s impressions of your… Read more »