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What if we really see?

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Holidays and emotionally driven elections can add stress and even threaten to tip our tiny vessel into their unpredictably choppy seas. Such charged events also open new possibilities to heal the humanity within each of us, beyond campaign wrangling, in spite of family feuds and past national regrets. Luckily our… Read more »

Kindness as Chemical Fix

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Kindness can stomp out stress or sadness much like pain killers wipe away headaches. Luckily we can increase our kindness quotient to ensure we avoid chemical toxins and amp up emotional and mental health. Kindness becomes a chemical mood changer when it leaves another person more appreciated and ourselves more… Read more »

Where is the Love?

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A grace mindset engages agape love combined with working memory to help us heal in broken or conflicted situations. How so? We share sentiments with Whitney Houston’s hope-filled tunes such as, “I will always love you,” yet we sink often into Adam Sturgeon’s regrets sung in, Long Braided Hair  words,… Read more »

Question for a Grace Mindset

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What does it take to leave others feeling more appreciated, and ourselves feeling more like victors than victims? To appreciate ourselves and others more, is to find comfort, joy and kindness in little things all around us over this holiday! YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to… Read more »

War or Peace – Our Brain’s Perspective

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Type the word PEACE into Libby.com audio books and their vast library collection showcases only 55 audio titles. Type WAR into the same data base and a whopping 986 titles bounce back. My case for peace is made. We may talk peace but we teach, re-enact, celebrate and push war!… Read more »

Words that Convert Conflict into Care

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No wonder we thank others for a kind response and we value the kind of friends who toss enormously generous suggestions into the ring, on any topic! But have you ever considered one key skill that converts conflict into care in a conversation? Think about your last online discussion where… Read more »

Will Criticism or Care Come into Our Holiday?

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It’s holiday season again. Stress seems to be higher than normal, while care for people we love can sink to an all-time low. Even our children and grandchildren find themselves trapped in anxiety’s ankle chains over holiday gatherings, where tensions tend to dominate. As we hear words that diminish, we… Read more »

Q & A on Power of Kindness vs Hate in Brains

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Have you wondered about the brain’s power of kindness over hate? Or did you know that kindness alters our brain’s chemistry? Q & A on the Merits of Kindness VS Hate in Human Brains … Q 1. How does kindness change the brain’s chemistry? A 1. Kindness primes our plasticity… Read more »

Crave Kindness?

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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”  (Mark Twain) What if we made a conscious effort to rewire our nation for more kindness in the coming year? Norman Doidge warns that the US has wired its entire nation for guns and pornography so… Read more »

Activate the Brain’s Compassion for Fun and Inspiration

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What will you do for COMPASSION and it’s handmaiden FUN this week? How might you spawn an interactive CARE and KINDNESS today? Will your week look more like the pig or the dog in this video? I started a KINDNESS project with my grandchildren and an interactive brain based COMPASSION… Read more »