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Intelligence as Fixed or Fluid?

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Research now shows how intelligence acts similar to what Ford claimed: “If you say you can or say you can’t – it’s true.” When IQ is seen as fixed however, choices narrow. Why extend our day to include multiple intelligence, if it cannot leave you smarter? Why ramp up personal… Read more »

How are You Smart?

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With an advent of multiple intelligences, and new neuro discoveries,  we change the question from How smart are you? to ask instead How are you smart?  Our new question changes the way we lead and learn successfully! We now know that intelligence is fluid, not fixed and that we can… Read more »

#9 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

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9. Stretch Your IQ – Rather than expect the same routine, consider new alternatives and write to learn about unusual or unfamiliar topics. Consider what essentials readers should take away from your words. Then invite another writer to review and help edit your conclusion to ensure those takeaways are evident…. Read more »