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Where has all the Spirit Gone?

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Every tiny enzyme flips into a freedom dance and rises to reflect rainbows when we enter and engage our spirit’s residing grace. Sure, it often takes being in the now, and it may mean  accepting what is. Yet it coaches us in what to change and what to accept without… Read more »

Can Grace Cover Covid Chaos?

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A good friend asked me recently where God is when people are dying with a pandemic nobody seems to be able to control. To address questions from a young man I golf with often over the years, I revisited the notion of evil we encounter and its impact on each… Read more »

Acting on Calls for Unity!

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Can we unify our broken communities around a shared truth? That rallying cry gets louder daily! So how can we pull unity off in ways that benefit all? Even our quest for unity and truth offers signs of hope for harmony in 2021! I found the promise of these lasting… Read more »

Where’s Home in a Pandemic?

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Where are you isolated, and what’s your frame? When we cultivate home beyond any pandemic’s panic or prickles, we rest and feel comforted and deeply content there! Sad truth also lies on the other side of this challenge as we hear S. Knezel ask further: “Why do we fight so… Read more »

With curiosity as force …

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With curiosity as our force, we look into each sunrise as another curtain opened  into marvelous opportunities where wings of grace can carry our day. What could curiosity find to delight your day? YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to meet you at any of the following!… Read more »

Hope as Our Problem Solving Tool

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Our brain operates hope as its power tool to rebuild after trouble (such as Coronavirus pandemic) strikes. Unfortunately however, our brain also slides into despair, a pre-condition that prevents us from accessing hope’s best benefits at times. Did you know for instance, that laughter sets the brain’s stage for hope… Read more »

Holiday Giving Extended with Brains in Mind

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After a fun discussion over their favorite jello treats, my  grandchildren and I just agreed to change our gift-giving Christmas tradition,  for a new practice of gifts given by Nana to causes we each identify. It’s really about extending hope to others, from our appreciation and love for one another…. Read more »

Do Your Routines Rob Our Hope?

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When hope yields to daily mandated routines, our brains slip into dangerous ruts! Do your routines rob our hope? What about mandated routines? Looking for tips to reboot magical hope for a new season? I like to start with the two-footed question: What awakens hope in you in spite of difficulties… Read more »