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Where is Happiness Found in Our Uncertain World

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If you’re looking to find more joy, delight, happiness or a bit of  bliss, you’re not alone. Never before have we seen more opposites to our basic happiness. These barriers to contentment leave us in panic, anxiety, misery, depression and overall discontent. Happiness starts with inner kindness we practice, yet… Read more »

Content in a storm – Roundtable 3

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When was your last memory of sheer fun experienced in a way that upgraded life, and fit that place where flaws and failures meet love’s most compassionate support? Is your mental warehouse stockpiled for today’s inevitable storms? If these questions find you curious for newly discovered mental and spiritual tools… Read more »

Contentment Precludes its Opposite

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When contentment occupies your focus – misery must flee. Why so? Are you genuinely content today – regardless of setbacks you face? YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to meet you at any of the following! Brain Leaders and Learners Blog Mita Brain Center Facebook efweber on… Read more »