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Words Walk Us into Kind or Crazy Worlds

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A young basketball player complained that teammates did not pass him the ball. He was correct, but only he could make the inner change needed to attract the ball his way. Sound like your life? Do you face failures that leave you powerless? Does a situation look hopeless, as it… Read more »

Will Today be Grim or Gracious?

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Grace is the inner love, light and energy that overjoys us in good times, only to brace, hold and support us in tough times! Grace gives us confidence and calm to avoid doing many things so we can risk running forward with one thing worth doing with kindness and care!… Read more »

Risk, Regret or Run with an MLK Dream!

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Ready to risk a dream that propelled Martin Luther King and others forward? What dream do you hold that’s worth chasing? If jumping off cliffs conjures up more calamity images than curiosity challenges, then risk-taking’s likely not right for you. If you agree that perfect safety’s an illusion though, or… Read more »

Can Money Fund Happiness?

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Before you decide how money impacts happiness – consider the following questions.

Were people happier before the financial crisis?

How did Thoreau compare happiness and riches?

What riches tend to add more mental wealth?

Can online repair unhappiness from broken systems?

Could happiness help you to sidestep life’s inevitable financial struggles?