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What is Happiness and Where is it Found?

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Happiness is a majestic force that lifts us beyond what we feel life should look like at any moment. It sets a magnificent mental and emotional stage to celebrate life fully as it exists in every current moment. Aristotle said, Happiness depends on ourselves.” What say you? With depression and… Read more »

Will Today be Grim or Gracious?

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Grace is the inner love, light and energy that overjoys us in good times, only to brace, hold and support us in tough times! Grace gives us confidence and calm to avoid doing many things so we can risk running forward with one thing worth doing with kindness and care!… Read more »

When Deeply Disappointed We …

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You may think it takes a densely packed skull full of brains to live well on the other side of disappointment. Not so. It takes choices that literally change the chemicals in our brains! When we recognize emotional cues such as disappointment, and when emotionally healthy and rested, we can… Read more »

Six Steps to Avoid Holiday Heartaches

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Avoid Kindling Grief Christmas or Hanukkah holidays can kindle killer sorrow after loss, disappointment, or memories of missteps.  Some choose avoidance as a strategy to handle grief during holidays, but our brains hold a far better way to holiday happiness. Whether a friend let us down, a schedule left us… Read more »

Your Problem? Your Choice?

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What’s your problem?

That question starts a very different day, full of unusual possibilities! How so? Let’s say you ask this question to identify one and your brain springs into gear to look for possible solutions.

Our Brain’s Ability to Heal a Broken Heart

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Have you ever felt a grief over loss so invasive that it tends to topple any upbeat move you attempt to escape it’s throbbing ache? Jamie Anderson said it best, “Grief is just love. It’s all the love you want to give but cannot. All that love gathers up in… Read more »

Robyn’s Last Day – A Celebrated Life!

A GREAT HUMAN left us today – and our loss is enormous …. After work we golfed on Lodge at Woodcliff Golf Course and Robyn hit ball after ball like an angel – so that we decided to sign up for a tournament soon and play for charity to capitalize… Read more »