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2 Scarce IQ Skills to Side-step Gridlocks and Squabbles

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Have you wondered why some organizational or political leaders appear incapable of leading across differences? Why do demands for partisan preferences or emphasis on personal gain tend to supersede leading ethics and non-partisan benefits that would improve life for those we lead? The answer to this pervasive leadership problem is… Read more »

Compelling Counterpoints or Gridlocks

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Yesterday a retired teacher told me how he loved teaching history – especially lessons on the civil war and Gettysburg Battles. Now that he’s retired, Jake shared he enjoyed reenacting history scenes in popular historic parks – where people enjoy revisiting the triumphs of war.

My immediate thought was, “Why have we taught war, but omitted the wonders of robust peace plans?”

Beyond Gridlock and Compromise – through Diversity

Recently we watched national leaders lose what could have been a life-changing opportunity for world class growth. Sadly, they settled for gridlock with compromise at best. No wonder markets plummeted – along with a nation’s hope and trust.

Beyond Gridlock and Compromise

Imagine instead if political leaders had led diversity as a noble concept? Have you noticed how people tend to pass over what differs, judge harshly what they lack courage to try, and reject approaches that seem less familiar?