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Three Wondrous Ways to Walk in Wisdom

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Wisdom combines our brain’s serotonin, our body’s activity and our spirit’s grace! It’s often amplified and expressed in three rather easy-to-spot ways. We navigate beyond the world’s chaos and calamity whenever we act kindly in wise, loving ways that heal our soul. Fear is love’s opposite, and it causes endless… Read more »

Crave Kinder Gentler Spaces?

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What is this grace that adds wings to our dreams and feet to our realities? We look online for friendship only to find fury and frustration. We isolate from loved ones and sadly often suffer alone. We feel caught up in a chaotic work world that demands more and satisfies… Read more »

Reviews for New Growth Mindset Book

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Being talented and successful doesn’t mean doing everything perfectly; it means believing that your intelligence and personality have the ability to change and grow! THE TEENS’ GROWTH MINDSET WORKBOOK inspires that belief with interactive exercises and bite-sized advice written for all who hope for growth in any area. Learn to feel confident, bounce back from tough breaks, and take on new adventures with a growth mindset.