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Connected or Correct? Grace Decides …

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Wherever grace engages us connections transform us. Cherish one person and that loving relationship enhances further grace-filled friendships. The opposite is also true. Obnoxious gestures to insist we’re correct increase toxic and dysfunctional relationships Sadly, that need to be correct also barricades us from friendships we crave. Grace adds understanding… Read more »

Where has all the Spirit Gone?

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Every tiny enzyme flips into a freedom dance and rises to reflect rainbows when we enter and engage our spirit’s residing grace. Sure, it often takes being in the now, and it may mean  accepting what is. Yet it coaches us in what to change and what to accept without… Read more »

Where is the Love?

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A grace mindset engages agape love combined with working memory to help us heal in broken or conflicted situations. How so? We share sentiments with Whitney Houston’s hope-filled tunes such as, “I will always love you,” yet we sink often into Adam Sturgeon’s regrets sung in, Long Braided Hair  words,… Read more »