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Words Walk Us into Kind or Crazy Worlds

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A young basketball player complained that teammates did not pass him the ball. He was correct, but only he could make the inner change needed to attract the ball his way. Sound like your life? Do you face failures that leave you powerless? Does a situation look hopeless, as it… Read more »

Why Let it Go?

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A good friend of mine, who is also a highly successful leader, found it especially hard to access serotonin and let go of words his daughter spoke. He was still grieving the death of his wife and best friend when asked to babysit a new grandchild to accommodate a date… Read more »

A Brain on Forgiveness

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Most people have been judged in ways that bring to question their very mission in life. Fewer have found an amygdala’s mental tools to forgive and move on.

Far beyond harsh judgments or words that leave you feeling like slugs on skid row, though, lies an ability to embrace genuine reconciliation. Your brain comes with equipment that segues into peace and recaptures gratitude, hope and joy. It’s rarely easy though and has little to do with showing your side of a story in defense.