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Where’s Your Common Sense?

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We’ve all heard it spoken. He hasn’t got a lick o’ common sense. Or, she may be book smart, but without a tad of insight from common sense. We assumed common sense simply referred to “streetwise,” or practically clever with our workaround solutions to mundane problems. That was before we… Read more »

What do you believe? Roundtable 1

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Our mindset or beliefs change what we do in any moment and determine our options to succeed going forward. A mindset is fluid, not fixed and so we can grow new or adjusted beliefs that better fit goals we set in any day. For this reason, the connection between belief… Read more »

Common Sense Isn’t that Common

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Turns out that common sense is not so common after all. No panic though, since human gene pools come hardwired with a unique mix of inner and ethical smarts. Common sense can be taught, and engaged, and tracked as it grows. It can also spark the mind-bending climate most learners crave, and yet few circle find.