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(6) Plastic Brains or Dementia Fears for Seniors?

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Are we cultivating plastic or petrified senior brains? Our brains respond to fear by shutting down and so if we hope to sustain growth we may wish to address fears by increasing plasticity (our brain’s ability to change itself at all ages). Certainly fear of dementia is one barrier to… Read more »

(1) Retire Lonely or Lively?

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Ever wonder why some seniors retire lonely while others run in retirement with liveliness? We may think that loneliness is a non-fixable or fatal toxin for seniors who face stepping down from work or careers alone. The opposite is true though. Actually we can choose between happy or hopeless senior… Read more »

Mend Minds of Teens and Boost Trail Blazers

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Inaccurate assumptions about the human brain often lead to harmful outcomes that block our incentives to tackle challenges and grow grit for innovative adventures that improve life for ourselves and those around us. While it’s true that the same boiling water that softens a potato also hardens an egg, it’s… Read more »

A Grace Mindset Through Five Questions ~

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Grace (as our lived experience) is the unconditional love that comes from a higher power, alive and operating to benefit all humanity. Growth follows when we access and awaken grace as our lived experience. Grit forms from moving beyond mistakes to live grace in ways that offer kindness and care… Read more »

Could Church Help Heal Our Broken World?

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When our churches act as spectator sports, where passive patrons  watch rituals from distance truths, we miss grace alive and awaiting our experiences as worship’s wings in each of us. Love, not religious words preached, propels us into “God,”  to discover overflowing goodness and immense care for us and kindness… Read more »

What if We Reboot for Renaissance?

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LINKS TO BOOKS THAT RECHARGE OUR EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL HEALTH IN A TOXIC ERA Grace Mindset Book – audio Grace Mindset Book – paperback The Teen’s Growth Mindset Workbook – paperback Growth Mindset Interactive Materials at TPT Mita (Growth Mindset) Strategies in Class and Beyond Student Assessment that Works –… Read more »

Beyond Incivility and Insurrection

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How Do We Awaken Care Beyond Incivility and Insurrection? We crave wisdom for a kinder life where grace for all is a lived experience.  We contemplate wisdom possibilities from diverse corners that may catch our eye, yet too many often still get overlooked. When incivility and insurrection becomes our response… Read more »

Compassion with the Brain in Mind

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Did you know that compassion and unconditional love that we offer to ourselves and others benefits us even more that people we direct it to? Kindness that we offer, even in tiny doses, also makes us more in awe of the humanity around us. It’s no surprise that compassion, kindness… Read more »

If we don’t like something …

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Maya Angelou said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Easier said than done? Our mindset can open deep and lasting mojo at the heart of every experience. It starts with a deliberate change and enables us to step beyond trauma and… Read more »