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Beyond Incivility and Insurrection

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How Do We Awaken Care Beyond Incivility and Insurrection? We crave wisdom for a kinder life where grace for all is a lived experience.  We contemplate wisdom possibilities from diverse corners that may catch our eye, yet too many often still get overlooked. When incivility and insurrection becomes our response… Read more »

Could GRACE be an answer to our broken world?

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Most would agree that wise people adjust their choices and experiences to include grace that points minds and emotions toward happiness for all. But what does GRACE look like in our broken, conflicted or war-torn world? We often seem to be running on reserve power at this moment, and some… Read more »

Why Mindset Matters in Healthy Cultures

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Before we see how mindset matters we may first want to see how a low EQ fails to grow a healthy culture. Toxic cultures exist in college classes, average work places, and dysfunctional living arrangements and any setting where collective EQ remains low. Here criticism scores higher than support and… Read more »

How Grace Becomes the Change We Crave

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Most would agree that a grace mindset leads to choices within God’s unconditional love and kindness pools to support ourselves and others. But what happens when grace directs our lives?  Good news is that grace transforms life into tangible joy and deep delight. We ditch stress in favor of the… Read more »

Hack Your Past to Reset a Kinder Present

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One part of our brains can lock us into anxiety unless we see it and reset emotionally for a kinder start. For instance, we inspire what goes well today by first securing our sense of genuine belonging. Where is our value unconditional? Where is worth ensured? When amazing worth transforms… Read more »

What if we really see?

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Holidays and emotionally driven elections can add stress and even threaten to tip our tiny vessel into their unpredictably choppy seas. Such charged events also open new possibilities to heal the humanity within each of us, beyond campaign wrangling, in spite of family feuds and past national regrets. Luckily our… Read more »

Welcome into a Wellspring of New Ventures

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Feel anxious or down? Stress defaults us to discouragement, fear or regrets, until you begin to see your world as hopeless. In contrast, curiosity opens new choices for mental and emotional growth, along a wellspring of new ventures. Make a game of looking at a pesky rut you face, and… Read more »

A Brain on Encouragement

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Social media may increase our access into bitter communications that harbor coarseness and cruelty, but human brains still crave kindness and care if people and innovative ideas are to flourish. It may mean we have to curb that hate speech, call out bullying or propose tolerance because we face increasing… Read more »

Crave Kindness?

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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”  (Mark Twain) What if we made a conscious effort to rewire our nation for more kindness in the coming year? Norman Doidge warns that the US has wired its entire nation for guns and pornography so… Read more »