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Aware of Inner Calm Beyond Stress?

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Inner calm is the absence of stress and anxiety, and the presence of divine alertness which is available to each of us through a deeper understanding of being. Calm or inner peace describes our lived experience of an inner soundless space where we access and awaken tangible grace. It involves… Read more »

Three Wondrous Ways to Walk in Wisdom

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Wisdom combines our brain’s serotonin, our body’s activity and our spirit’s grace! It’s often amplified and expressed in three rather easy-to-spot ways. We navigate beyond the world’s chaos and calamity whenever we act kindly in wise, loving ways that heal our soul. Fear is love’s opposite, and it causes endless… Read more »

Grace to Flourish & Thrive?

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I really don’t think we fully embrace the joys of grace until we stop thinking of it as a theory and start living it as an active energy that grows EQ and builds healthy cultures, where all beliefs, customs and habits find acceptance. Whenever we propose and chase a possibility,… Read more »

Echoes from My Deck Swing

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When we pause to repeat and reverberate the fierce wonder and beauty in a sunrise, we embed its original reflections deep within to strengthen another new day! A sunrise flashes by barely touching us unless we pause in its presence, stay with its beauty, and live its light throughout our… Read more »

Choose Calm in Little Things

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Our brain’s amygdala is the seat of emotions and storehouse that stockpiles every response we make. When calm responses store there on ordinary, they become our reality in tougher times. See why some respond to difficulties with care while others sink in distress? Our stockpiles decide which response will guide… Read more »

Welcome into a Wellspring of New Ventures

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Feel anxious or down? Stress defaults us to discouragement, fear or regrets, until you begin to see your world as hopeless. In contrast, curiosity opens new choices for mental and emotional growth, along a wellspring of new ventures. Make a game of looking at a pesky rut you face, and… Read more »

Moods matter – Roundtable 7

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What changes miserable moods into model moods for you and those around you? We don’t need to default to bad moods when conflicts arise. To resolve the mood dilemma is also to build and sustain those emotionally strong communities many of us crave. Ask a two footed question like the… Read more »

What if we programmed calm into our hectic calendar?

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Attempts to bring calm into sudden, unexpected, or hyped-up-situations can backfire at times, but deliberately planned adventures add enjoyment and serenity that relieves most pressures. Composure can rarely be mandated. Studies show that paying too much attention to our levels of peacefulness can bring its opposite. Pressure cooker chaos can… Read more »

Frantic or Focused? A Brain’s Choices

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You start your day with fresh coffee aromas, serotonin spikes a sense of well being in response, and a warm muffin tops off your shot at winning on another day.  Energized by a good sleep,  creativity stoked,  you’re set for career adventures people only dream of attaining. Life is good…. Read more »