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Teach and Learn with Brains in Mind!

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Teach and learn more usable and current facts in less time at secondary school and beyond! Download ready-made teacher-learner materials with more brain in mind. The Teen’s Growth Mindset Workbook – paperback Growth Mindset Interactive Materials at TPT Mita (Growth Mindset) Strategies in Class and Beyond Student Assessment that Works… Read more »

Looking for Brain Boost, Laugh, or Both?

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YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to meet you at any of the following! TpT Brain Based Resources – accomplish things never before accomplished by using parts of the brain never before used! Brain Leaders and Learners BlogMita Brain Center Facebookefweber on Pinterest@ellenfweber on Twitterellenfweber on InstagramEllen… Read more »

One Day From Inside Your Brain!

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A Day in the Life of Our Brain WHAT WOULD ONE WORK DAY LOOK LIKE FROM INSIDE OUR BRAIN? Have you ever considered what today looks like from inside our brain? Take a look and we’ll also improve our communication and sharpen several mental  skills. We can capitalize on what… Read more »

20 Questions Determine a Brain’s Leadership Fate

Some say brains are born to lead. Others see leadership as a learned skill. I say that gene pools play a  part – yet what you do daily can rewire your brain for transformational leadership. What do you say? Your  brain’s equipped to leap toward new challenges or default to… Read more »

Albany Blocks Brainpower while NY Burns

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New York burns while Albany fiddles. News of political infighting, stalemates, accusations and posturing flood us daily, while opportunities for greatness fade for NY. A closer look, though, shows bureaucracy working against ethical brainpower. How so?  Neuro discoveries uncover organizational problems and possibilities. 1. Secondary schools and universities in crisis… Read more »

Why Brain Based Approaches?

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Spot any gap where you live or work, regardless of how small, and you may well be staring into the eyeballs of your own destiny.  How so? Even though I taught university classes and facilitated top leaders around the world for many years, it still surprises me how few people… Read more »