Copycat brains – Roundtable 22

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Have you considered the magic of our brain’s copycat parts, or its mirror neurons? I’m referring to the mimicking equipment that works to take on or copy what we see and hear around us. If you could look into your brain while it works – you’d likely live differently. You’d… Read more »

Rewire brains – Roundtable 21

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Mindful choices we make, such as moving away from past fears and toward freedom to act courageously in the moment, determine the rewiring of our brains. If we are bullied or intimidated by cynics, our brains tend to affirm related dread and everyday stressors become threats as a result. Fear… Read more »

Our brain on ethics – Roundtable 20

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How does the anatomy of our brain link to the evidence of our ethics? Or do brains impact ethics? Can people be considered genius – without a stellar moral compass to guide actions such as integrity or kindness to others? Are swindlers enabled in your circles, under the guise of… Read more »

Pathways to change – Roundtable 19

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Every action we take creates a related reaction within our brain. Our brains literally change by creating a new neural pathway toward the action we take. We rarely need more information as much as we often need more action. Let’s say we choose to encourage a person or team, and… Read more »

Memory helps – Roundtable 18

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Tools to support and sustain memory transform any age, where working memory is outsourced in strategies illustrated below. Have you slammed onto ruts or slipped into boring routines lately? If so read on and get ready  for a fun new adventure! Let’s say you’d like to learn a new technology… Read more »

Five essentials for growth – Roundtable 17

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Five conditions essential for learning and leading a growth mindset may surprise you. Using the Mita brain based approach, we draw from key research findings that tend to be ignored if we tackle new challenges with outmoded facts about human brains. To be honest, I simply hoped to lead excellence,… Read more »

Sleep as friend or foe – Roundtable 16

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Is sleep your friend or foe? How’d you sleep last night? Reasons for sleeplessness may differ yet strategies for successful sleep often bear remarkable similarities. Before you hire a sleep specialist though, why not try tactics that calm the brain and come without side effects of medicine. You’ll likely sleep… Read more »

Habits or hormones – Roundtable 15

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How do you move beyond a habit you hope to break to enjoy benefits from brain chemicals you hope to cultivate? Can you see why successful people tend to flee from anxiety or fear mongering, and why relaxed people create more innovative solutions? Does your brain’s electrical wiring work mostly… Read more »

Cartoon characters, real brain parts – Roundtable 14

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How could six little cartoon characters increase our observable mental wellbeing? Our brains hold remarkable tools to ensure we enjoy life to the fullest, in spite of traps that trip or snares that slow us down! Six often hidden and unused mental tools below will show new neural discoveries, represented… Read more »

Better brainwave speeds – Roundtable 13

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Want faster or slower brainwave speed? It depends on what we are trying to accomplish. For example, do we want to sleep or party? Are we willing to live with stress or shift to serotonin, a healthier hormone? As often the case, when it comes to brain wave health, mind… Read more »