Integrate for Growth

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Does your organization mix it up more to open access into shared values across a wider reach? Integration is as natural to our brains as books to learning. It’s also essential for practices that jumpstart our brains and foster productivity. It takes diversity to activate integration skills across an organization…. Read more »

Honor Worth Living

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When I think of honor in action today, I think of Malala Yousafzai, who refused to be silenced by a Taliban bullet to the head. In spite of threats to her life, Malala advocated girls’ education and became the youngest Nobel Peace prize winner. While we may not change the… Read more »

Grace Alive in Flawed Brains

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We break through the problems and pressures faced daily, with our foot on the accelerator of divine love that leaves us free of anxiety, even before we deserve a break. The brain kicks in with grace as an adrenaline of sorts that gets us going again after we slip or… Read more »

Forgive to Restore Wonder

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Like me, did you miss the call to forgive somebody at an early age?  It took me a lifetime to learn the brain’s ability to embrace genuine reconciliation. Need to forgive, be forgiven, or both? In addition to our basal ganglia storehouse to stockpile forgiveness  – our brains come with… Read more »

Encouragement Changes Our Brain’s Chemistry

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Encouragement circles into serotonin celebrations and fuels the human brain for surprising outcomes. I received a poignant reminder of serotonin’s circular Christmas magic from Sue Dungey.  A waitress at Brantford’s, Williams Fresh Cafe on Market St, Sue encourages many who stop by for a warm meal.  She did even more for… Read more »

Diversify to Showcase Multiple Sides

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While in Jamaica to speak about  brain based renewal, I spotted diversity problems and possibilities alive and well from a car radio. En-route to the University of West Indies, radio guests discussed broken systems in general, and specifically Jamaican policies that got  implemented without discussion from citizens. Opposition heated as… Read more »

Care Warms a Chilly Day

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When I glanced out my window after a heavy snowfall, and spotted my snow-free car, I saw firsthand the kind of care that changes lives. Perhaps it was the timing. Perhaps it was the fact I’d been missing my garage that I gave up to be where I am. Perhaps… Read more »

Begin Again for a Mind-Lift

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What new anything did you do for the first time in the past week? Not much, probably. Brain based success nudges us into the flexibility it takes to begin again … and again… Yes, even when the brain protests! How so? In spite of our need to shift it up,… Read more »

Hopes for 2019!

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Here’s hoping that your 2019 is filled with grace, happiness and wonder! It’s true that despair and difficulty is rampant but delightfully, so is hope, love, joy and genuine care from people who model ways to remain resilient and well. YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to… Read more »