Cartoon characters, real brain parts – Roundtable 14

How could six little cartoon characters increase our observable mental wellbeing? Our brains hold remarkable tools to ensure we enjoy life to the fullest, in spite of traps that trip or snares that slow us down! Six often hidden and unused mental tools below will show new neural discoveries, represented… Read more »

Opposing views – Roundtable 12

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Why do we struggle to discuss our unique differences in ways that benefit all? Pause for a moment and consider an opinionated or narrow-minded idea you’ve heard spoken. Listen to one person tell another why one view is far more qualified to ensure one-sided versions of a topic that dismisses… Read more »

Brainpower of play – Roundtable 10

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When Einstein named imagination more important than knowledge he showed our brain’s propensity to play! In reality though, we put in more work hours with more demands and accept more stressors, in ways that limit or flat out halt productivity.  Without play, we grind talent to a halt, learn to… Read more »