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10 Brain-Friendly Bad Habit Busters

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We may take comfort in the fact that nobody is perfect. Yet when our imperfections become annoying or harmful habits, it’s time for a brain busting coping mechanism to kick a practice or pattern that’s doing us in. Fortunately our brains come fully equipped to bust bad habits, and we… Read more »

Lead insults or ideas?

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More and more we must endure fights between leaders with few facts from either, in what’s billed as debate yet illustrated as brawls. It happens in US politics and also among Canadian leaders. Why lead with insults to the other side and miss innovational opportunities on ours? Sadly the brain… Read more »

Judge me … Judge me not …

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Have you ever felt judged harshly or have you seen a friend or family member bowed down by blame? Or have you made an effort to see past a person’s weaker traits and offer kindness simply for who they are? Some say hate and division exchanged daily by leaders ramp… Read more »

Go Meaningful or Go Mad!

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If you are among the 75% of workers claiming to dislike their jobs, you may also be the person Fyodor Dostoevsky had in mind when he said: “Deprived of meaningful work, men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.” We can all use more meaning… Read more »

Why build brain friendly communities?

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Increasingly we walk into uncertain times. We face the thick and thin of life’s challenges, often when we feel least ready. People fail us and we fail others. In it all though, we tend to count on community to reach beyond our differences and bring us together around shared interests…. Read more »

How are you smart? Roundtable 60

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How we think about intelligence has a lot to do with how we take advantage of our abilities to expand our lives. What if we are asking the wrong question, though, if we hope to discover a wider range of capabilities or intelligences? Do you know the original purpose of… Read more »

Lonely yet not alone – Roundtable 59

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Do you look at all that you are, or do you see only all that you are not? Research shows loneliness as a top predictor of those of us who will end up depressed and even in hospital. It signals low intrapersonal IQ, which we can grow and improve in… Read more »

Two footed questions – Roundtable 58

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Would you agree that we tend to ask more questions with predictable answers than we ask questions to open doors into discovery? If questions bore you to boot, consider asking questions to yourself and others that we most like to answer! Two-footed questions drive curiosity and they can  convert even… Read more »

Social networks – Roundtable 57

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Social networking reshapes our brains in several significant ways. It’s not only because we may get hacked online one day or helped on another. Social media changes how we live and influences how we interact. Researchers suggest that social media can harm our brains, and few would disagree. Either way,… Read more »

Mental molecules of joy – Roundtable 56

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We can increase serotonin joy and delight in ways that leave us prepped and content when stressors strike. Our basic beliefs hold enormous powers to transform our psychology and impact our lives, in spite of winds that blow against us. Research suggests we can expect at least 22 stressors on… Read more »