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Better brainwave speeds – Roundtable 13

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Want faster or slower brainwave speed? It depends on what we are trying to accomplish. For example, do we want to sleep or party? Are we willing to live with stress or shift to serotonin, a healthier hormone? As often the case, when it comes to brain wave health, mind… Read more »

Opposing views – Roundtable 12

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Why do we struggle to discuss our unique differences in ways that benefit all? Pause for a moment and consider an opinionated or narrow-minded idea you’ve heard spoken. Listen to one person tell another why one view is far more qualified to ensure one-sided versions of a topic that dismisses… Read more »

Dare to Risk – Roundtable 11

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What risks have you taken lately. Or what edgy possibility have you avoided? We meet people daily who feel afraid to fix a broken anything because they fear they’ll end up alone, stuck or without support. In self-satisfied circles we see new ideas dunked as mere buzz at best. Research… Read more »

Brainpower of play – Roundtable 10

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When Einstein named imagination more important than knowledge he showed our brain’s propensity to play! In reality though, we put in more work hours with more demands and accept more stressors, in ways that limit or flat out halt productivity.  Without play, we grind talent to a halt, learn to… Read more »

Choose creativity not chaos – Roundtable 9

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Choices we make today will determine creative possibilities we’ll encounter going forward. Not that we always need specific goals to direct our creative juices. Sheer delight that creativity offers is enough. Let’s say we start our day with fresh coffee aromas, serotonin spikes a sense of well being in response,… Read more »

Fixed or fluid IQ? – Roundtable 8

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“If you say you can or say you can’t – it’s true,” according to Henry Ford’s lived reality. Research supports this notion since our view of intelligence cultivates or dampens mental capacity, just as Ford claimed: When IQ is seen as fixed our choices narrow. Fortunately, we now know IQ… Read more »

Moods matter – Roundtable 7

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What changes miserable moods into model moods for you and those around you? We don’t need to default to bad moods when conflicts arise. To resolve the mood dilemma is also to build and sustain those emotionally strong communities many of us crave. Ask a two footed question like the… Read more »

Stress shrinks brains – Roundtable 6

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Most of us agree that difficulties can pop into our day to either sink us or sail us into refreshing new waters. Are you aware however, that persistent feeling hopeless or stressed literally shrinks our brains, and can shave 10 years off our lives? Fortunately, it’s also true that we… Read more »

To Know is to apply – Roundtable 5

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When was the last time you learned a thing in a way you could apply it to improve your situation? When we give talks, lecture ideas, tell information or deliver facts, we risk removing adventure from the art and science of learning. Facts are to growth what blueberries are to… Read more »

Plastic brain – Roundtable 4

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If our brains are plastic we’re happier, more productive and fun to be around! The opposite of a plastic brain is a rigid, opinionated, or stuck-in-a-rut brain. Specific words and actions we choose will decides which one (plastic or problematic) gets shaped, rooted and operational in our brains. Plasticity is… Read more »